Academic Performance

The Academic Performance module enables Senior Leadership Teams (SLT) to measure the academic performance of their school by their own criteria AND by that set by “target setting” groups.

“Headline Statistics” are supported by the ability to view the individual student records that make up the “headline”.

Action / Development Plan

Transforms the maelstrom of paperwork and confusion surrounding School Development and Action planning into clean, cohesive and managed control.

At-a-glance status reports indicate progress towards targets AND target dates and display clear picture of where the development plans stand.

Beyond Outstanding

Beyond Outstanding/World Call is an application that provides a simple top down overview of the route, path, journey to become beyond outstanding/world class.

This allows you to focus on the NOW in a supportive and creative way. Progress over time is viewable to reflect and assist in decisions moving forward,

Family Portal

Provides on-line access for parents and or guardians to see the academic progress of their children.

The school controls what can be seen and when in relation to each assessment cycle; parents have reacted extremely well and the sharing of real-time student-data completes the virtuous-circle of school-teacher-parent-student to maximise support for each student

Governor Portal

A simple to use mechanism for ensuring that all Governors are fully informed at all time of meetings, agenda and all associated documents. Helps save Governors and their Secretary huge amounts of time.

Key Dials

Academy Key Dial provides Senior Leaders with an interactive real-time graphical display that shows, at-a-glance, in “RAG-format”, the current status of ALL their school’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

This module INCLUDES ofsted Key dial, Current Judgement Key dial and a Guidance Key dial. On-target-segments of the Dial display in green while areas falling behind go from amber through red indicating increasing levels of concern. When all segments are green the school is in robust good health while segments causing concern are instantly identified in red or amber, investigated and appropriate action taken.

Segments in blue indicate performance above and beyond that expected or predicted. Academy Key Dials provide the ability to upload and store multiple document-types as supporting evidence to any segment of the Key Dial ensuring that each Senior Leader has single-portal-access to any and all data required to successfully help manage their school.

Line Manager Key Dial

Line Manager Key Dials provide a yet more forensic level of operational detail segments in this Key Dial support and automatically “feed into” the Middle Leader Key Dials and provides the same level of collaborative working. The single-portal concept provides Line Managers with real-time access to every important segment of the school’s operation for which they are responsible and automatically provide the same real-time “Rag-Format” display as the two Key Dial “levels” higher up the structure and automatically updates the status of the appropriate Key Dial segment with their current status.

Senior Leaders and Middle Managers have a click-through facility from their Key Dial to the current status of the relevant segment in the supporting Key Dial along with any associated documents that have been uploaded as supporting evidence.

Policy Control

A system that tracks Statutory policies and other categories right through to working policies and procedures. High visible impact on current position and progress over time chart.


HTGmanager QDM is designed to help organisations respond to any project or service-request from a client and manage that process through to successful completion including, where relevant, invoicing and the associated cost-analysis.

Full job costing, time management and budget setting.

SMS Management

SMS Management is a utility that Schools can acquire that “empowers” each of the HTGmanager software modules with the ability communicate messages via SMS. It is a system configured specifically for each school as requirements differ but ensures that all staff are kept fully updated about their students, projects, ICT or Premises incidents in real-time.