Action / Development Plan

Transforms the maelstrom of paperwork and confusion surrounding School Development and Action planning into clean, cohesive and managed control.

At-a-glance status reports indicate progress towards targets AND target dates and display clear picture of where the development plans stand.

Booking System

Provides authorised users with real-time access to booking school resources such as equipment and rooms; resources can be reserved by users for all or part of a day. Real-time status of availability.

HTGmanager Champion

Leadership Portal

Provides instant access to all headline statistics that indicate the status of your school; at-a-glance headline figures that enable you to manage your schools 24/7 from an iPad in Costa, or any other coffee shop for that mater.

Middle Managers Key Dial

Middle Leader Key Dials provide a more forensic level of detail at an operational level in support of and automatically “feeding into” the Academy Key Dial.

Collaborative working is an important feature and delivers single-portal-access for Middle Leaders to every important segment of the school’s operation for which they are responsible. Middle Leader key Dials automatically provide the same real-time “Rag-Format” display as the Academy Key Dial and automatically update the status of the appropriate Academy Key Dial segments with their current status;

Senior Leaders have a click-through facility from Academy Key Dial to the current status of the relevant segment in the Middle Manager Key Dial along with any associated documents that have been uploaded as supporting evidence.

Policy Control

A system that tracks Statutory policies and other categories right through to working policies and procedures. High visible impact on current position and progress over time chart.

Report Management

Provides the mechanism for managing the structure of the Course Management, Student Records and Progress Tracking Systems. Enables System Admin users to ensure that data is accurate and up to at all times.

Staff Records

Staff Records is the HTGmanager module that enables authorised users to import, maintain and update Staff-data. The module is incredibly easy to use requiring the minimum of training; a couple of 5-minute on-line videos provide most of the introductory training required by most users. The system enables Staff data to be validated in accordance with school standards as part of the import process then reviewed, amended and approved before being imported into the Staff Records Database.

TRUST-GROUP-Data Intelligence

The system offers instant access to date, from the top down, without the need to request information from any site or the need to ask a member of the core-team to service this request.

With appropriate access-rights authorised users can, from any location, search/filter/query Staff information across multiple sites in real time, in sync, without the need to extract and/or manipulate data to achieve a result.

All authorised-stakeholders can now view in real time:

How many Staff members the Trust, Group or Federation is responsible for
How many Male/Female staff in which school/academy
How many Maths Teachers in a specific site? Multiple sites? All sites?
How many Maths Teachers are male? How many female?
How many Maths Teachers can also teach French and German in one site? Multiple sites? All sites?
How many Staff members are called JACK across all sites/each site/per year group

Selecting any combination of the above and much more is so easy now that HTGmanager MIS-BIS is turning information into data intelligence.

Task Manager

Enables School Managers and Senior Leaders to control and monitor the throughput and completion of any Task that MUST be completed at specific times and ON SCHEDULE in order that the school operates at an optimum level. Ensures that all essential processes will be completed when YOU want them to be. A detailed audit trail provides clear at-a-glance audit trails of every request and every action

Teacher Key Dial

Teacher Key Dials provide Teachers and Appraisers with web-based real-time access to key performance indicators (KPIs) related to Appraisal and linked to Teacher Standards. Self-Appraisal, Appraisers-Appraisal and Collective-Appraisal are all addressed including Preamble-I and Preamble-II in all instances.

HTGmanager supports the development of Professional and Personal Development Plans (PPDP) and Continuing Professional Development Plans (CPD) and monitors progress with areas of achievement and development providing links to Performance Indicators and appropriate Teachers Pay Scales.

The system has the appropriate anonymity precautions in place and provides users with the ability to upload and store multiple document-types as supporting evidence.