Attitude To Learning

Record all the GOOD incidents associated with student activities as well as those that are not quite so good. Attitude to Learning provides an easy to use system that will help implement and manage YOUR school policy towards student behaviour; each “incident” will fall into a pre-determined category that is associated with a pre-determined escalation process specific to that incident-type.

All appropriate members of staff are kept informed and actions cannot be taken (good or bad) unless each escalation is processed correctly.

Essential evidence can be attached to each incident providing a clear and complete audit trail.

ICT Commentary

Provides a simple to access and simple to use repository of an increasing amount of video training and support resources that can be accessed 24/7 from any location by any user.

Additional supporting material is available to every registered user of HTGmanager.

Key Dials

Academy Key Dial provides Senior Leaders with an interactive real-time graphical display that shows, at-a-glance, in “RAG-format”, the current status of ALL their school’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

This module INCLUDES ofsted Key dial, Current Judgement Key dial and a Guidance Key dial. On-target-segments of the Dial display in green while areas falling behind go from amber through red indicating increasing levels of concern. When all segments are green the school is in robust good health while segments causing concern are instantly identified in red or amber, investigated and appropriate action taken.

Segments in blue indicate performance above and beyond that expected or predicted. Academy Key Dials provide the ability to upload and store multiple document-types as supporting evidence to any segment of the Key Dial ensuring that each Senior Leader has single-portal-access to any and all data required to successfully help manage their school.

Leadership Portal

Provides instant access to all headline statistics that indicate the status of your school; at-a-glance headline figures that enable you to manage your schools 24/7 from an iPad in Costa, or any other coffee shop for that mater.


HTGmanager QDM is designed to help organisations respond to any project or service-request from a client and manage that process through to successful completion including, where relevant, invoicing and the associated cost-analysis.

Full job costing, time management and budget setting.

Report Management

Provides the mechanism for managing the structure of the Course Management, Student Records and Progress Tracking Systems. Enables System Admin users to ensure that data is accurate and up to at all times.

Resource Booking

Provides 24/7 access to all authorised users to all school resources that they are entitled to use, including classrooms. No more need you try to access your teaching room to find that it is already occupied, or go to collect an overhead projector to find it already in use. Simple to use from any web-connected device from any location.

Self Evaluation Forms

Enables schools to view an Ofsted visit as “just another day in school”.

Used correctly SEFmanager provides the ability to use the SEF process as a “live”, working document that collates the current status AND supporting documents into one central portal that is available 24/7 to all Department Heads and Senior Leaders.

Student Records


The system offers from the top down instant access to date, without requesting information from any site or asking a core team member to service this request.

If you have the correct access rights you can form any location search/filter/query student information across many sites in real time, in sync without any extraction or data manipulation.

All stakeholders can now view in real time:

How many students the Trust, Group or Federation is responsible for
How many boy-girl which school/academy and year group
How many FSM across all sites, boy/girl/each site/per year group
How many SEND across all sites, boy/girl/each site/per year group
How many CIC across all sites, boy/girl/each site/per year group
How many EAL across all sites, boy/girl/each site/per year group
How many students are called JACK across all sites/each site/per year group

Any combination of the above and much more is now easy via HTGmanager MIS-BIS turning information into data intelligence.

Student Records is the HTGmanager module that enables authorised users to import, maintain and update student-data. The module is incredibly easy to use requiring the minimum of training; a couple of 5-minute on-line videos provide most of the introductory training required by most users.

The system enables incoming student data to be validated in accordance with school standards and is reviewed, amended, updated and approved before being imported into the Student Records Database.

HTGmanager provides simplicity and clarity in this most important of tasks helping to ensure that Student Records is up to date at all times with the minimum of effort and expensive training. Powerful new tools such as Drag-n-Drop Photos, Dynamic-Student-Filter, Custom-Student-Attributes and Column-Filter provide user-assistance and removes stress, strain and effort.

Task Manager

Enables School Managers and Senior Leaders to control and monitor the throughput and completion of any Task that MUST be completed at specific times and ON SCHEDULE in order that the school operates at an optimum level. Ensures that all essential processes will be completed when YOU want them to be. A detailed audit trail provides clear at-a-glance audit trails of every request and every action