Admin Help Desk

Admin Help Desk enables Management to control and monitor the throughput and completion of Admin Tasks and ensures that essential documents and processes will be completed when YOU want them to be. A detailed audit trail provides clear at-a-glance audit trails of every request and every action.


The HTG manager Calendar is a web-based diary and calendar interfaced to the HTGmanager framework; this will enable authorised staff members to create their own diary entries that they can share with one colleague, several colleagues or the whole school.

HTGmanager Calendar supports single person appointments, meetings with multiple attendees and events that can be shared with selected groups or the whole school. Like all HTGmanager modules Calendar will be available 24/7 from any web-connected device with an industry standard web-browser.

Governor Portal

A simple to use mechanism for ensuring that all Governors are fully informed at all time of meetings, agenda and all associated documents. Helps save Governors and their Secretary huge amounts of time.

ICT Commentary

Provides a simple to access and simple to use repository of an increasing amount of video training and support resources that can be accessed 24/7 from any location by any user.

Additional supporting material is available to every registered user of HTGmanager.

Leadership Portal

Provides instant access to all headline statistics that indicate the status of your school; at-a-glance headline figures that enable you to manage your schools 24/7 from an iPad in Costa, or any other coffee shop for that mater.

My Assistant

This Application allows each user to create and distribute "to do items". Build group to assign task with full on-board communications and audit trial. Priority setting and reminders all the elements a PS would provide.


Attendance Register saves enormous amounts of time but still produces all of the data management and reporting tools you would expect.

Report Management

Provides the mechanism for managing the structure of the Course Management, Student Records and Progress Tracking Systems. Enables System Admin users to ensure that data is accurate and up to at all times.

Resource Booking

Provides 24/7 access to all authorised users to all school resources that they are entitled to use, including classrooms. No more need you try to access your teaching room to find that it is already occupied, or go to collect an overhead projector to find it already in use. Simple to use from any web-connected device from any location.

SMS Management

SMS Management is a utility that Schools can acquire that “empowers” each of the HTGmanager software modules with the ability communicate messages via SMS. It is a system configured specifically for each school as requirements differ but ensures that all staff are kept fully updated about their students, projects, ICT or Premises incidents in real-time.