The HTG manager Calendar is a web-based diary and calendar interfaced to the HTGmanager framework; this will enable authorised staff members to create their own diary entries that they can share with one colleague, several colleagues or the whole school.

HTGmanager Calendar supports single person appointments, meetings with multiple attendees and events that can be shared with selected groups or the whole school. Like all HTGmanager modules Calendar will be available 24/7 from any web-connected device with an industry standard web-browser.

Contract Review

The Contract Review enables a School’s Business Manager to monitor and manage the performance of all contracts and SLAs to ensure value for money AND that all of the contracted services are provided.

Simple to use but powerful Contract Review saves the school time and money AND helps prevent expensive, repetitious contracts that do not provide the school with what they need.

HTG TV (Internal)

HTG TV – Internal provides support to our own staff as we constantly strive to improve the quality of support we provide our customers; HTG TV- Internal strengthens our ability to improve our training resources and provide all of our staff, not just Field Service Engineers, with single-portal-access to high- quality support material.

ICT Support

Simple to use system by which EVERY staff member has the ability to record any issue, concern or fault associated with their ICT equipment and systems.

ALL information is shared with ALL users so that there are no secrets and EVERYONE knows at-a-glance the status of every support call.

Key Dials

Academy Key Dial provides Senior Leaders with an interactive real-time graphical display that shows, at-a-glance, in “RAG-format”, the current status of ALL their school’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

This module INCLUDES ofsted Key dial, Current Judgement Key dial and a Guidance Key dial. On-target-segments of the Dial display in green while areas falling behind go from amber through red indicating increasing levels of concern. When all segments are green the school is in robust good health while segments causing concern are instantly identified in red or amber, investigated and appropriate action taken.

Segments in blue indicate performance above and beyond that expected or predicted. Academy Key Dials provide the ability to upload and store multiple document-types as supporting evidence to any segment of the Key Dial ensuring that each Senior Leader has single-portal-access to any and all data required to successfully help manage their school.

Line Manager Key Dial

Line Manager Key Dials provide a yet more forensic level of operational detail segments in this Key Dial support and automatically “feed into” the Middle Leader Key Dials and provides the same level of collaborative working. The single-portal concept provides Line Managers with real-time access to every important segment of the school’s operation for which they are responsible and automatically provide the same real-time “Rag-Format” display as the two Key Dial “levels” higher up the structure and automatically updates the status of the appropriate Key Dial segment with their current status.

Senior Leaders and Middle Managers have a click-through facility from their Key Dial to the current status of the relevant segment in the supporting Key Dial along with any associated documents that have been uploaded as supporting evidence.

My Assistant

This Application allows each user to create and distribute "to do items". Build group to assign task with full on-board communications and audit trial. Priority setting and reminders all the elements a PS would provide.

Project Management

This simple to use system is incredibly flexible and powerful; it provides schools with the ability to manage any and all activities from SLT agendas to enormous construction projects in excess of M£2.

The system can be structured to reflect the requirements of any form of project and includes a powerful multi-level access-control and security mechanism that enables contributors to access and update the information from anywhere 24/7.

Report Management

Provides the mechanism for managing the structure of the Course Management, Student Records and Progress Tracking Systems. Enables System Admin users to ensure that data is accurate and up to at all times.

Seating Plan

Seating Planner provides teachers with instant real-time access to each student’s data in context with their position within the classroom; their photo linked to their latest assessment data provides all the data teachers need to interact meaningfully, effectively and credibly with every student.